Helpful Guidance To Franchisors On Implementing New Revenue Recognition Standards

Helpful guidance to franchisors

FisherZucker partner Joe Dunn was part of the IFA taskforce charged with addressing how the new standard alters the way in which franchisors can recognize initial franchise fees in their audited financial statement.  After much consultation with the SEC and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), which governs auditing standards in the United States, we’re pleased to say that we’ve obtained some helpful clarity and guidance. Under the present standard,

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Emerging Franchisors: Focus on Your Franchisees

Emerging Franchisors Focus on Your Franchisees

Emerging franchise brands face a set of possibilities unique from their larger and smaller competitors. Once a franchisor has established an initial core of franchisees and begun moving away from “pioneer” franchisees, the emerging franchisor has an opportunity to step back, evaluate, and adjust the system based on past history to continue and increase growth. An emerging franchisor should seek to improve its onboarding and initial training of new franchisees

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