Franchisor’s Need to Maximize Their Franchisee Relationships

Franchisor’s Need to Maximize Their Franchisee Relationships

As the landscape becomes ever more competitive, franchisors need to maximize their franchisee relationships more than ever to drive system and unit profitability.  The benchmarking and sharing of data and best practices is critical to this effort.  However, it’s not enough to merely check the box, franchise leadership need to get the most out of the data.  This involves the franchisor providing engaging, and useful, leadership updates and carefully listening to franchisee feedback.  Franchisors need to get their operational support teams out from behind their desks and into the field where they can provide real value to franchisee’s and get real-time feedback to system initiatives as well as demonstrating how to fix, and avoid, common mistakes.  Franchisors should also seek to maximize franchisee attendance at national and regional meetings – and ensure that those meetings are actually useful!  More importantly, franchisors should seek to find ways to align, and demonstrate alignment, with their franchisees goals in order to have the culture of growth that every stakeholder wants to create.


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