FisherZucker LLC provides the services necessary to establish and organize a franchise system as well as ongoing representation for day-to-day legal needs. Please contact us for a free consultation about whether franchising is an appropriate vehicle for expanding your business

For over 15 years the firm and its principals have gained substantial expertise in helping companies with strong unit economics and good concepts use franchising as a means of exploiting market opportunities. The firm has worked with multiple startup franchisors in the retail and service businesses, and has considerable expertise in identifying those structures that work.

We will help you analyze whether franchising is the appropriate growth strategy for your business. If it is, we will then discuss alternative strategies and consult with you on how to structure your relationship with franchisees. We perform an investigation to determine if your business name can be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Next, we apply for a federal trademark registration and initiate a registration process that takes more than a year to complete. We write your franchise agreement and disclosure document, which is a federally mandated document that discloses information about you and the franchise you are offering. Finally, we will assist you in forming a new corporation, specifically formed to conduct all franchising activities.